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New Years Eve in Spreewald

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Winter magic in Spreewald

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2 overnight stays

€ 122,00 per person / double bedroom

Be active in Spreewald

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In perfect balance - stress management, the desire for adventures, experiencing nature and delicious food.
Relaxation and challenges. Get to know your limits. Experience something new and feel great doing so.
2 overnight stays

€ 142,00 per person / double bedroom

Take a break

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Just want to get out? Escape the city and enter the green nature? Take a deep breath and watch the dragonflies dance? Then this is for you!
2 overnight stays

€ 99,00 per person / double bedroom

What´s gherkin?

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Boost your health while taking a break from everyday life. There is a large selection of bike tours. Flat countrysides with many canals. Let your mind wander and enjoy the flora and fauna.
3 overnight stays

€ 154,00 per person / double bedroom

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